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Subject list (TBA)

Category Subject name Subject ID
Foreign language English Words HSCENG0001
English Grammar HSCENG0002
English Comprehension HSCENG0003
English Conversation and Hearing HSCENG0004
Mathematics Mathematics A HSCMTH0001
Mathematics B HSCMTH0002
Mathematics C HSCMTH0003
Mathematics D HSCMTH0004
Physics and Chemistry Physics A HSCPHY0001
Physics B HSCPHY0002
Chemistry A HSCCHE0001
Chemistry B HSCCHE0002
Biology and Earth Science Biology A HSCBIO0001
Biology B HSCBIO0002
Earth Science A HSCEAR0001
Earth Science B HSCEAR0002
Geography and History Geography A HSCGEO0001
Geography B HSCGEO0002
World History A HSCHIS0001
World History B HSCHIS0002
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