Environmental sustainability / environmental protection

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[[Environmental sustainability]]
[[Environmental Sustainability]]

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Environmental Sustainability


For environmental sustainability, we must not destroy the environment first It is self-explanatory.

However, looking at past examples, there are many incidents and events that have caused social problems.

As a result of the destruction of the environment, people who had eaten fish in the bay had a serious illness, Minamata disease is famous.

From the point of view, why did companies not recognize that such pollution occurred? It seems strange. However, the surrounding government agencies and professors at famous universities Because they have defended companies, companies have a good idea that they are the perpetrators. It might have been impossible.

Another similar incident is Second Minamata disease (Agano River mercury pollution).

Ajinomoto Co., Ltd., which has sustainability, is deeply involved in the management of this company.

'Hachirogatano' '

I have buried Hachirogata for agriculture (rice farming).

Although this plunge has destroyed nature, the evaluation of the good and evil of things now differs from person to person.


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