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Internet Web School (IWS) Overview


1. IWS Policy

  • (1) The education is developed by using only the Internet. Therefore, neither going to school nor schooling are needed. Entrance and graduation do not provide especially, and enable time at any time. There is a standard of one respondent, and graduation at the early stage and a long-term finishing are enabled at the course term.
  • (2) Tuition is made free.
  • (3) A person all over the world is made to be able to learn corresponding to a lot of national languages all over the world.
  • (4) The computer assisted instruction is used, and people are not put on the maintenance of educational contents as much as possible. Contents also encourage links such as Wikipedia to existing Web page as much as possible, and time is not spent.
  • (5) Contents and the computer assisted instruction test are enhanced by the volunteer. Moreover, it borrows volunteer's power from the grading evaluation etc. of the report.
  • (6) The contribution from general is welcomed for necessary minimum cost payment.
  • (7) The country such as the academic juridical persons is not taken to authorize. The management subject is made an adoptive act person.
  • (8) To supplement the management of this school, students and volunteer are expected for the variable circle and the community to be established.

2. IWS Course Strategy (TBA)

(1) Fundamental course (High school level) (term: Two years)

It lays a course almost similar to the high school general education course.

(2) Liberal Studies course (Under graduate level) (term: Three years)

On the Internet because the continuation of study is thought to be difficult on schooling when it studies too much long-term. A standard course term is assumed to be three years of no four years. Now, it starts from "Liberal Studies course" that automates the education easily though a lot of courses are prepared in the future. It chooses from the standardized theme problem, and the evaluation is easy though the graduation research is imposed.

(3) Entrepreneur course (Graduate level) (term: Two years)

Now, it starts from "Entrepreneur course" though a lot of courses will be prepared as well as the university faculty level course in the future. Each one selects the theme as for the master research, and the evaluation is requested from the volunteer teacher.

3. Function and feature of IWS course-wear

  • (1) It makes the download of each one of the transcript at that time by PDF etc. on the way of study, and the printout of it. Warrantable is made by using the electronic certification technology no falsification of the certificate.
  • (2) The graduation certificate and the diploma are made to be able to be printed out in a similar method.
  • (3) To prove what the person in question (do not exist "Substitute") actually studied, the third person is made to be able to print out the written test or the oral consultation problem. To the one called graduate from this school, it can know whether for the enterprise that tries to employ the person to impose such a prepared easy test, for the person in question to study actually oneself, and to have graduated (The enterprise can say the mechanism that it is strengthened more though is not does a be known enough by it if ability is judged from the examination imposed on a usual university graduate and graduate of a high school).
  • (4) The knowledge acquisition of establishment and small-scale Enterprise Management is valued in each course. As a result, even if it is not possible to find employment in an existing enterprise etc. , the road of the income can be secured by own ability.

4. Advantage and Disadvantages compared with usual, regular schools


  • You would be possible to learn while working anytime and anywhere.
  • Tuition is free.
  • You would be strengthens in the Internet and Computers.
  • The knowledge not overspecialized can be acquired (Because each field can be thoroughly finished by the computer assisted instruction).
  • Power to learn alone attaches, and it is useful also in the society.
  • You can have the alumnus the relation of a strong mind is obtained all over the world though it is loose. If the number of graduates increases all over the world, it comes to have the authority from an existing school in the foreign country.
  • After you graduate, you would be possible to live in stoutness because the knowhow that can be managed for myself adheres to the body. Or, my enterprise might be able to be raised to the big enterprise.


  • Existing enterprise and a moment from the people
  • Another world atmosphere, for example, belonging the clock tower of the brick masonry of learning on campus, you cannot be tasted.
  • The convenience such as friend's letting me the copy of the report might be a little.
  • The connection of classmate's friend and senior in the conventional sense might be difficult.
  • You do not make "sponge off your parents" since your study's activity cannot be expense.
  • There is no club activities of sports etc.
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