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This page is to explain the related topic in Chemistry.
Description of each item has a lots of hyper-link to the another site consists of the detailed descriptions if necessary.
Anyone can edit, modify and add link in the contents if you have more information.

Chapter list

Ball-and-stick model of Zinc Sulfate Crystal (ZnSO4) (MOPAC simulation + Jmol)
  1. Chemical substances
  2. Periodic table
  3. Atom
  4. Molecule and Chemical bond
  5. Amount of substance
  6. Chemical equation
  7. Chemical properties of solid
  8. Chemical properties of gas
  9. Solutions
  10. Ionization tendency
  11. Redox
  12. Electrolysis and Battery
  13. Acid–base reaction
  14. Organic compounds


  • Chemistry/Exercise ★★★You may complete all instructed CAI problems (chapter table of the contents may be greater than the number of exercise)★★★


The subjects of the content may be changed without notice.

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