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Subject List for Moderators

Usage : △=Under construction, ★=Exercises created, ☆=CAI installation finished

Category Subject (MediaWiki) EN CAI (PukiWiki) EN JA Author (EN Moderator)
Entrepreneur Strategy Business Planing △5/5 GRAENT0001 △5/5 Yatsuka Nakamura
Inheritance Managements GRAENT0002 Masayoshi Eguchi
Company Law and Corporate Ethics GRAENT0003 KW
Commercialize Planing GRAENT0004 Hiroshi Yamazaki
Innovation Innovative Agriculture GRAINN0001 Masayoshi Eguchi
Innovative Farming GRAINN0002 Yatsuka Nakamura
Internet Managements GRAINN0003 KW
Product Design and Development GRAINN0004 Hiroshi Yamazaki
Patent and Intellectual Property GRAINN0005 Yatsuka Nakamura
Risk Managements GRAINN0006 Hiroshi Fukura
Marketing Marketing Research and Pathfinding GRAMAR0001 Rika (Nakamura) Tanaka
Sales Planing GRAMAR0002 Rika (Nakamura) Tanaka
Profit and Non-monetary Theory GRAMAR0003 Yatsuka Nakamura
Store Designing GRAMAR0004 Yatsuka Nakamura
Consumer Protections GRAMAR0005 Yatsuka Nakamura
Financial Management Accounting◯5/5 GRAFIN0001 Yatsuka Nakamura
Bookkeeping GRAFIN0002 KW
Accounting Informatics GRAFIN0003 KW
Funding and E-Money ◯5/5 GRAFIN0004 Yatsuka Nakamura
Management Strategy Talk:Sales Analysis ◯5/5 GRAMAN0001 Yatsuka Nakamura
Environmental Sustainability ◯5/5 GRAMAN0002 Yatsuka Nakamura
Big-data Utilization ◯5/5 GRAMAN0003 Yatsuka Nakamura
Optimization Theory GRAMAN0004 Yasunari Shidama
Logical Thinking GRAMAN0005 Yasunari Shidama
International Survey International Language Survey ◯6/6 GRAINT0001 ★6/6 Yatsuka Nakamura
World Trading Survey ◯5/5 GRAINT0002 ★5/5 Yatsuka Nakamura
World Foods and Housing Survey GRAINT0003 Masayoshi Eguchi
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