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Funding and E-Money


As mentioned in the previous chapter, it is very dangerous to rely on friends to procure funds in a country like Japan that has little experience in starting up venture companies. The story of the future concept will no longer spread between friends. And it fails. *

Even if the person fails with his own start-up funds, it is at least a painful experience for him.

But if you involve friends and fail, you lose a lot of them.

In addition, when starting a business with friends, various problems concerning investment arise. It seems that there is not much problem if entrepreneurs invest, but one of the rich houses is involved, only money is taken out and other people collide to kick out one of the rich people (money is There are a lot of cases such as without returning.

There are certainly examples of successful joint management by making good use of each other's strengths, compensating for shortcomings, and trusting each other. Japanese Honda and Sony are good examples of success in that sense. The American Apple is also an example of such a joint management.

Funding is a matter of simply choosing to borrow money, buying stocks and becoming investors, or buying corporate bonds. For corporate bonds, see below.

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