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World Trading Survey

Country's exports

Country's exports

Each country has some export items. It has a rise and fall in export strength with the times.

France is famous for exporting wine, but also exported in Spain, the United States and China,

its export advantage is not as much as once. However, it maintains overwhelming export advantage.

Exports of agricultural products such as fruits do not seem to rise and fall for each country.

When considering the rise and fall of the industry of the country,

the most representative example would be Japan after the war.

In prewar Japan Silk yarn industry was flourishing. What it declined before the Second World War is

as described in the previous chapter,

Speaking of the influence of war in Japanese industry, you must give shipbuilding industry.

The wartime shipping control order

The wartime shipping control order


The wartime shipping control order (Shinji kannon kanrei) was promulgated on March 25, 1942

and was enforced on the same day.

It is an ordinance based on the National Mobilization Act of the State.

State regulations of ship (Article 2 - Article 17), recruitment

and management of seafarers (Articles 18 to 29), the establishment of ship management committee responsible

for these (Article 30 to Article 60), etc.

Is export power good?

Is export power good?

As in Japan, there are things that the people mistake that they live in a country that thinks export power = national strength.

Let's say that there are only countries A and B in the world.

It is assumed that the main industry of country A is a, 99% of the people are engaged. Moreover,

it is assumed that the major industry in country B is b and 99% of citizens

are still engaged. Furthermore, it is assumed that country A has industry b,

but only b citizens of country A are b (few workers are involved, b is very cheap).

Suppose that country B also has industry a but supplies only to citizens of country B (again

a small number of engaged workers, a very cheap). Products a and b are indispensable to humans.

What will happen if both A and B start free trade when there is such a premise?

Two suppliers of product b of country A and two suppliers of product a of country B

can supply all necessary items to both citizens. Two suppliers from both countries

can make it, but 99% of both citizens lose their jobs and may starve to death!

Then, there are no partners to sell a and b, and they will starve to death as well.

Strike and weapons merchants

Strike and weapons merchants

As in the previous section, when the majority of people hungry,

riots such as "destroy" have occurred historically.

Eventually, people devised a new business and created products c, d and e in addition

to products a and b to increase the scale of the economy.

But not so much new necessities are born. At that time weapons merchants will appear,

encourage civil war and invasion warfare and sell weapons.

Weapons sold endlessly, two peoples are children and also killed an adult,

in the end result is perished also the first of two supply winner.

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