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Welcome to Internet Web School,
the open-content course-wares and/or CAI collection that anyone can edit.

Successful Entrepreneurs

IWS Policy

  • ✔ The education is developed by using only the Internet. Therefore, neither going to school nor schooling are needed. Entrance and graduation do not provide especially, and enable time at any time. There is a standard of one respondent, and graduation at the early stage and a long-term finishing are enabled at the course term.
  • ✔ Tuition is made free.
  • ✔ A person all over the world is made to be able to learn corresponding to a lot of national languages all over the world.
  • ✔ The computer assisted instruction is used, and people are not put on the maintenance of educational contents as much as possible. Contents also encourage links such as Wikipedia to existing Web page as much as possible, and time is not spent.
  • ✔ Contents and the computer assisted instruction test are enhanced by the volunteer. Moreover, it borrows volunteer's power from the grading evaluation etc. of the report.

(We are looking for volunteer teachers like that. If you create content for me at least one course, we give you the title of Professor of the School)

  • ✔ The contribution from general is welcomed for necessary minimum cost payment.
  • ✔ The country such as the academic juridical persons is not taken to authorize. The management subject is made an adoptive act person.
  • ✔ Each student can download, by their hands, their diplomas and transcripts. Currently, however, degree of our school is not recognized as a formal degree by any government. We aim to make our degrree as a recognized qualification in the world by the performance of our graduates.
  • ✔ To supplement the management of this school, students and volunteer are expected for the variable circle and the community to be established.

Learn More!

Internet Web School is moderated by the IWS Administration Groups.
The Internet Web School Administration Group is a non-profit organization that depends on freedoms to operate! If you find educational resources or other e-learning projects hosted by the another Wiki's useful, please consider making a upward-link for it. Creating your meshes on any education contents are used primarily for increasing own volumes and contributing new coureseware.
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