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Subject list

Category Subject name Subject ID
Foreign Language English Words ENGWOR0001
English Hearing I ENGHEA0001
English Hearing II ENGHEA0002
English Grammar I ENGGRA0001
English Grammar II ENGGRA0002
English Grammar III ENGGRA0003
English Comprehension ENGREA0001
English Composition ENGWRI0001
Information Technology Typing and Word Processing COMTYP0001
Introduction to Spredsheet COMEXC0001
The Internet Knowledge COMINT0001
Homepage Creation and Uploading COMHOC0001
Server Services (PHP) COMCGI0001
Cultural Studies Religion EDUREL0001
Philosophy EDUPHI0001
Classical Literature EDUCLA0001
Law EDULAW0001
Logic EDULOG0001
Health and Medical Science EDUMED0001
Business Management and Bookkeeping EDUMAN0001
Documentation Technique EDUSEN0001
General Studies Math/Analysis GENANA0001
Math/Algebra GENALG0001
Math/Geometry GENGEO0001
Probability and Statistics GENPRO0001
Physics GENPHY0001
Chemistry GENCHE0001
Biology I GENBIO0001
Biology II GENBIO0002
Earth Science GENEAR0001
World History GENHIS0001
Human Geography GENHUM0001
Career and Family GENJOB0001
Art GENART0001

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